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By a miraculous chance you’re here. Hello. Steam here with you - your very own incompetent shit writer. Welcome to my somewhat personal internet journal that I’ve started due to complete boredom and my reoccurring love for dated music.
I won’t go into much detail, but since I was a tiny wiener I loved music, however, I never had any direct relationship with it. My parents never collected/kept records, I never had the patience to learn how to play an instrument, hell, I’ve attended my first live concert last year. Not kidding. That’s what you get when you live in a small country and an even smaller town.
Nonetheless, nothing and no one ever made me feel like music does. Therefore, I don’t mind spending countless hours looking for and listening to various records. Full records, front to back. That’s my jam.
Thing is, I have an extremely poor memory, attention span of a 2-year-old and a…

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